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Privacy & Security Policy

E-mail Privacy Policy

We do not and will not share, sell, give, loan or let anyone view any of our 
thousands of e-mail addresses or personal information with anyone at anytime.

Our email list is solely for our purpose so that we may advertise to our customers any new 
products, special offers and/or any changes that might affect the operation of our sites.

When we ask you for an email address, we ask solely for the purpose of communicating 
with you. Email is free, long distance telephone calls are not. When we keep overhead 
operating cost down, we keep product cost down.

Credit Card Privacy Policy

All credit card information including: card account number, name, address, telephone
number and items purchased are strictly guarded and are not kept on our web hosting
servers. Name, address, telephone number and order information is stored on one of 
three networked business computers until the end of the business day; the data is then
transferred to a writable CD-ROM. The CD-ROM is removed at the end of each business
day and stored in a locked file cabinet until morning. Hard copies are made at the time of 
sale solely for packaging and shipping and do not contain credit card information, only
ordered items and shipping info. Note pad sheets used to take credit card information are shredded at the end of each day and are incinerated at the end of the week.

Our computers are protected by what we feel are great firewall protection devices
(hardware & software). If a hacker could break into our network, he/she would be 
disappointed at what they would find.

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